Kochen wie die Halblinge Bundle

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The bundle includes

  • a hardcover copy of the German edition of "Recipes from the Shirefolk"
  • a matching tea towel with a motif from the cookbook
  • a hardcover copy of The Shire Cookbook (German edition)
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Patzy Llaleena from the Ilmen Valley
Recipes from the Shirefolk: A Book About the Greatest Art of All

A treat for the eyes as well as the stomach. In Recipes from the Shirefolk: A Book About the Greatest Art of All, lovingly hand-drawn pictures illustrate more than fifty recipes, including breakfast bites to soothe the first hunger pangs of the day (before second breakfast and Elevenses), hot dishes to get you through the day, sweet treats for afters, and various snacks and nibbles to enjoy throughout the day.

The lucky owner of this cookbook, then, is always well prepared for surprising visits from Dwarves and sorcerers and ready to follow them blindly on hair-raising adventures … after a hearty meal, that is!

About the Author

Patzy Llaleena from the Ilmen Valley is a master of the culinary arts who understands that a beautiful meal or dessert can bring any people together. An exceptional meal is like a revelation to her, and the sparkle in her guests' eyes is (besides the food) her greatest reward. In this cookbook, Patzy Llaleena has now compiled her favourite recipes, some of which she brought back from her travels around the world or learned from other master chefs.

Recipes from the Shirefolk, Patzy Llaleena, 104 Pages, ISBN 978-3-96481-026-7, 22,00 Euro


Chelsea Monroe-Cassel
The Shire Cookbook – Recipes from a Halfling´s Kitchen

Embark on a culinary journey to the Shire, where halfling cuisine calls for seven meals a day! Hearty and sweet dishes for first and second breakfast, a light elevenses snack, and then a hearty lunch of pork pie and other favorites get them through the first part of the day. For afternoon tea, halflings refresh themselves with tasty sandwiches or summer cakes. The evening meal is rather modest in comparison, but at night they really dig in. Westfarthing rabbit, trout with herb butter, braised lamb shanks, and many more delicacies are on the menu. Oh, to be a halfling!

For this book, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has gathered over 40 recipes from the Shire that evoke all the wonderful aromas, flavors, and culinary hospitality of a halfling cottage.

About the author

Chelsea grew up in rural New York, surrounded by cows and an appreciation for small farms. However, her real love affair with food began during a year abroad in Turkey, which sparked a passion for both culinary matters and history. A lifelong artist and fantasy fan, she greatly enjoys foreign languages, treasure hunting, and all things related to honey. Like the literature she loves, Chelsea’s work is a synthesis of imagination and historical research. She is focused on bringing other fantasy worlds to life through food, photography, art, and digital media. She and her husband live in an old Vermont farmhouse with their two kids and an assortment of pets.

112 pages, finish Hardcover with ribbon bookmark, ISBN 978-3-96481-023-6


Tea Towel "Shire"

The tea towel is printed with a motif from the cookbook "Recipes from the Shirefolk". It has a loop in one corner on the back for hanging. It should not be missing in any halfling kitchen!

Content: 1,00 pcs.
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